How to Clean Leather Shoes: 11 Ways to Get Rid of Stains, Dirt, and Scuff

If you want to clean Badgley Mischka or Manolo Blahnik satin shoes, with or without a sparkly buckle, the best way is to do so using a clean damp cloth. You will need water, a clean soft-bristled toothbrush, a small bowl, and a mild detergent. Some to consider are Woolite, delicate washing liquid from The Laundress, Heritage Park’s Silk & Wool detergent.

Set your shoes in front of a fan or in a well-ventilated room. Once they’re dry, your shoes should look a few shades lighter. Rub a pea-sized dab of toothpaste into the shoes with a toothbrush. Put the dab of toothpaste directly onto your shoes where there are heavy stains. Spread the toothpaste thin so it coats the entire area before working your toothbrush in small circular motions. Work the toothpaste into the shoes’ fabric thoroughly before letting it set for 10 minutes.

Regular Cleaning

The Saphir cream polish was richer than the Meltonian , but took forever to work in and didn’t produce a noticeably better result. When you put on your shoes, always use a shoe horn. Any shoe horn will work, or you can even use a credit card or a driver’s license. Just don’t jam your feet into the shoes; that puts undue stress on the heel counter, which provides structure for the entire shoe and also supports your heel. Rub a dab of unscented baby oil or coconut oil onto the shoe uppers to prolong their lifespan.

Use just enough pressure to weaken the dirt’s bond to the shoe. This will loosen and remove the debris or dirt. And you certainly won’t be the first person to turn their kicks over to a pro for cleaning. Sneaker cleaning services are popping up in cities around the country.

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Final Thoughts on How to Clean White Shoes

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Bleach Solution

Leave the baking soda on the shoes for at least five minutes. Use a teaspoon of dish soap for every three cups of water. Mix the solution inside a medium or large bowl until it becomes foamy. The best way to keep your white shoes from getting yellow or dirty and keeping them white is to never wear them, ha.

But, if you go out wearing your leather shoes, salt stains can damage or weaken them, if not appropriately treated. When cleaning your satin ballroom or pointe shoes, always take the handwashing approach, as they can get very dirty due to frequent use.