In ROM type of DVDs, the data stored cannot be changed or deleted, though a consumer can easily access it.

DVD or digital video disk is the latest buzz in the field of optical storage technology. It can store large amounts of data, high quality audio, video, and computer games. Among the various kinds of DVD, the most common and popular one is the DVD ROM. Just like CD, a DVD-ROM can also hold data, though there is much difference between the two. While the former can generally store 650 megabytes of data, the latter can store seven times more data.

The manufacturers encode the data in such a way Sega Master ROMs that the user or the consumer cannot write over. A maximum of 4.7 Gigabytes of data can be stored, which is considered enough for a full length movie. The data is encoded in the form of spiraling trail of pits and lands divided by nanometer. DVDs of films and music are some of the best examples of these types of disks.

Presently, some of the popular brands in the market are LG, Sony, Samsung, BenQ and several others. They are all leading manufactures of electronic products. Let us see the various models that these companies have on offer.

Sony, one of the leading electrical giants, who needs no introduction, produces DVD ROMs that are highly popular in the market. They have gained their reputation for offering quality products in several different areas. The drives of Sony are well suited for a wide range of CD and DVD media players.

The current model of is DDU1621. It is an internal drive that can support DMA33. It consists of 512 KB, which is standard to most of the DVD drives of today. This drive comes with an audio cable, screws, user manual and IDE cable. For watching and ripping videos, DVD ROM is considered to be perfect. The front panel does not carry any logo. The DVD drive contains an eject button, a knob for controlling volume, and a headphone jack.

Samsung is a Korean based company that offers an extensive variety of IT products to its customers. Currently, they are making their presence felt in the field of computer peripherals also. The current DVD drive product of Samsung is DVD 616Q. Some of the best features of this drive are that it has got fast reading speed, data reading is reliable, and operates quietly. It is very easy to install and hardly takes even ten minutes. It comes with a 512 KB buffer and 48 speeds reading for CD and 16 for DVD.

Asus, one of the well known brands in motherboards and graphic cards also deals with DVD ROM drives. Like Sony it comes with an audio cable, screws, an information manual, etc.

LG is a brand that manufactures high good quality products at a competitive price. Its products are pretty popular in the market, especially the CD-ROM drives. Recently, they have also started manufacturing DVD type of ROM drives.